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  1. Define straw-colored. straw-colored synonyms, straw-colored pronunciation, straw-colored translation, English dictionary definition of straw-colored. Adj. 1. straw-colored - having the color of dry straw straw-coloured coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination;..
  2. eus, with the same meaning, is often used in describing nature.. The first recorded use of straw as a colour name in English was in 1589
  3. straw-coloured - having the color of dry straw straw-colored coloured , colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; colored crepe paper; the film was in color; amber-colored heads of grai
  4. Definition of straw-colored in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of straw-colored. What does straw-colored mean? Information and translations of straw-colored in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web
  5. straw coloured, straw-coloured (UK) adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, a tall girl, an interesting book, a big house. (hair: golden yellow) giallo paglierino loc agg locuzione aggettivale: Espressione di più parole che descrive o specifica un sostantivo: C'è del tonno in scatola - Ho seguito il metodo fai da t
  6. The straw-coloured fruit bat (Eidolon helvum) is a large fruit bat that is the most widely distributed of all the African megabats.It is quite common throughout its area ranging from the southwestern Arabian Peninsula, across forest and savanna zones of sub-Saharan Africa.It is listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List due to a decreasing population trend
  7. Colored Straws (4 Pack) Get creative with our new colored straw pack. Made from the purest food grade silicone (LFGB Certified). Compatible with the Lounge Straw & Cap. - Colors Include : SAND, PINK, DEEP BLUE, SEMI TRANSLUCENT PINK. Love these extra straws. I have the yellow water bottle and the colored straws add a nice pop of color

straw-colored (comparative more straw-colored, superlative most straw-colored) Pale yellow , the color of straw . 出典元 索引 用語索引 ランキン Colored Aluminum Straws Custom Printed Case Quantities: ON SALE NOW! If you're searching for color metal drinking straws beyond the standard silver steel, consider our 8.5 reusable aluminum options. Sold one color per case, you can choose from blue, red, green, aqua, gold, purple or magenta base colors S & L Straw Company - Bulk Pack of 250 Assorted Neon Colored Plastic Drinking Straws (Neon - Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow) - Disposable Kid Friendly, Colorful Party Fun Straws 250 Count (Pack of 1) 4.6 out of 5 stars 35 The straw-colored fluid that forms the top layer is called plasma and forms about 60% of blood. The middle white layer is composed of white blood cells (WBCs) and platelets, and the bottom red layer is the red blood cells (RBCs) Synovial fluid is normally a thick, straw-colored liquid found in small amounts in joints. After the skin around the joint is cleaned, the health care provider inserts a sterile needle through the skin and into the joint space. Fluid is then drawn through the needle into a sterile syringe. The fluid sample is sent to the laboratory

Straw-coloured definition: If you describe something, especially hair , as straw-coloured , you mean that it is pale... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example Colored Pine Straw is the leader in color treated pine straw. Colored Pine Straw looks great and stays looking great longer. Colored Pine Straw is more environmentally friendly, because it only needs to be replaced a third as often as plain pine straw. Now delivered to your front door, in bags, or in rolls straw: [noun] a natural or artificial heavy fiber used for weaving, plaiting, or braiding UK English definition of STRAW-COLOURED along with additional meanings, example sentences, and ways to say Straw-colored fruit bats are native African animals, called so due to the bright orange, yellow or brownish fur, surrounding their throat, stretching onto the back of the neck, and covering the special glands, which produce a specific musky-smelling fluid

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Straw colored urine. Urine color. Urine is color straw and transparency is hazy what does it mean. Ibuprofen urine color. Mucinex urine color. Morning urine color. Zinc urine color. Ketosis urine color. Amoxicillin urine color. Straw hiv. Connect with a U.S. board-certified doctor by text or video anytime, anywhere Straight Straw Coloured Pack of 100. $3.21 inc. GST. Quantity: PACK. Enquire. add to cart. Description. Assorted bright colourful straws in pack of 100. Perfect for parties, craft projects and everyday use. Features. Assorted Bright Colours: Add fun for family gathering, party, picnic, and more Straw is a fiber made from dried plant stalks. Horses love it. People make baskets, hats, bedding, fuel, and much more from straw. But not drinking straws —those are usually plastic

Copper straws - mini 5,5' size - set of 6 solid 100 % copper drinking straws. BandayCollections. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (47) $10.99 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites Adjective. straw - colored ( comparative more straw-colored, superlative most straw-colored ) Pale yellow, the color of straw Definition of straw-coloured in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of straw-coloured. What does straw-coloured mean? Information and translations of straw-coloured in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web Reusable Silicone Straw, Stadium Cup Straw, Flexible Straw, Colorful Straw, Eco Friendly Straw, Rainbow Colored Straw. oneoliver. From shop oneoliver. 5 out of 5 stars. (606) 606 reviews. $2.00. Favorite Download premium psd / image of hand holding metal straws mockup by teddy about straw, drinking straw, eco friendly, zero waste, and black tea 2274745. Colored, mockup, tubule, bendy, mock, drink, tube, juice, blue, cocktail, . Clear coloured tubes mock up. Picture of blank colored paper straws mockup isolated, top view, 3d rendering

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Glass straws in colored designs. Durable, eco friendly, reusable glass drinking straws. A beautiful and healthy, plastic free drinking straw. By Hummingbird Established in the year 1997, Strawflex Private Limited is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of drinking straws.Our products include Drinking Straws, Long Straws, Colored Straws, Flexible Straws and Non Flexible Straws.Furthermore we also offer, Paper Wrapped Straws, Pine Straws, Plastic Drinking Straws, Small Straws and Tetra Pack Straws 33 Pieces Reusable Plastic Straws Fit for Mason Jars, Tumblers, 9 Inches Transparent Colored Unbreakable Drinking Straws with 1 Straw Carrying Case and 2 Cleaning Brushes, BPA Free and Eco-friendly Hiware 52 Pcs Reusable Plastic Straws for Tumbler, Mason Jars, Cupture/Maars Acrylic, YETI/RTIC, Starbucks, Tervis, - 10.25 Extra Long 10 Colors. Unlike more colorful hard plastic reusable boba/smoothie straws and their silicone counterparts, these metal straws have an angled bottom to help suck up every last tapioca pearl or bit of. Lift the straw and you'll have the first and second colored solutions in a stack inside the straw. Continue the dipping process until you have all six colored solutions inside the straw. It's a density column of sugar water, a Sugar Rainbow! When you're ready, hold the straw over the dish and lift your thumb to empty the straw

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Sputum colour plays an important role in the disease concepts for acute cough, both in the patients' and the doctors' view. However, it is unclear whether the sputum colour can be used for diagnosis of a bacterial infection.Cross-sectional. straw: [noun] a natural or artificial heavy fiber used for weaving, plaiting, or braiding

The usual color of urine is straw-yellow. Abnormally colored urine may be cloudy, dark, or blood-colored. Causes. Abnormal urine color may be caused by infection, disease, medicines, or food you eat. Cloudy or milky urine is a sign of a urinary tract infection, which may also cause a bad smell. Milky urine may also be caused by bacteria. The 4 colored straws you are about to select here will unlock and activate the next level of your natural human ability. The next time you go to grab a drink, you'll be suiting up for a Strawesome occasion. Available Straw Widths. Regular (9mm Outer Diameter) - This width is similar to that of a typical restaurant straw. It's great.

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The straw-colored fruit bat is not entirely straw colored. Their neck and back are a yellowish-brown color, while their underside is tawny olive or brownish. This is one of the larger species of fruit bats. Their wings are long and narrow which allows them to fly long distances without having to continually flap their wings The straw-coloured bottle brushes remaining at the branch tips mark the edges of the darkening ride like pale hanging lanterns. Country diary: New Forest. The straw-coloured hat, the bright green paddy fields and the black buffalo grazing all around - a world pure and beautiful, hidden and charming. Vietnam, Rising Drago

Description of Swissgenetics' specification of straw color and identification, effective since 16 March 2011. 1 Straw specification 1.1 Size French straws 0.25 ml 1.2 Colors Swissgenetics has defined a specific straw color for each principal breed in Switzerland. Additional colors are used for special semen straws (articles) Color Strawr Colored Straw Customized Drinking Straw Plastic Customized Color Food Grade Large Plastic Strawr Drinking Cup Colored Bubble Boba Straw Plastic Straw. $0.03-$0.05/ Piece. 10000 Pieces (Min. Order) CN Shandong Haotaijia Eco Technology Co., Ltd. 2 YRS Straw Yellow is an RAL Design color with the number 080 80 40. Different from the Classic list, the RAL Design catalogue specifies colors for interiors. RAL is a well-known color matching system used in several European countries including Germany, France, Italy and the UK. Straw Yellow hex code is #ECBF7A with equivalent RGB (236, 191, 122) Sip Sustainably. Sip guilt free through the reusable HydroJug Straw. Our straw is made of 3 detachable parts so you can clean it effortlessly. The silicone base also makes it adjustable because we know one size doesn't always fit all. Flexible Bottom to Adjust straw Height. Detach top and bottom of straw. Soak in hot soapy water. Rinse away soap Straw-colored; stramineous. noun An extremely luminous, very cool yellow color, of somewhat reduced chroma, recalling the color of yellow straw, but cooler in hue. There is a wide range of chroma in colors called by this name

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Longleaf Pine Straw - Colored Red - 18 Rolls per Pallet -- FREE SHPIPING. Regular price. $76500. $765.00. Longleaf Pine Straw - Colored Brown - Loose in Box - 90-100 Sq. Ft. -- FREE SHIPPING. Regular price. $5300. $53.00. Longleaf Pine Straw - Colored Brown - Loose in Box- 12 Boxes per Pallet -- FREE SHIPPING 1. Construct the Support Structure. Before getting to the multi-colored straws, we can't forget the strong walnut center. Using wood glue and a couple of clamps, the structure leaves an equal amount of room on four sides for the straw layers to be added while adding support and (once finished) an interesting wood in-lay appearance. 2

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  1. Straw-coloured or yellow water can be caused by the disturbance of naturally occurring sediment in the supply, or particles from corroding, unlined iron pipes. This disturbance is caused by a sudden change in the direction or flow rate of water
  2. Greenpaxx® Cool Straw™ (Q792422) $ 1.96. As low as $ 1.75. $ 2.05. (Pricing depends on quantity and number of imprint colors) Rush service may be available for this item, please inquire here . Qty. 250+. 500+. 1000+
  3. Straw color definition, a pale yellow similar to the color of straw. See more
  4. Straw definition, a single stalk or stem, especially of certain species of grain, chiefly wheat, rye, oats, and barley. See more
  5. A wonderful multi-colored vase can upgrade a dull interior in less than no time. You just need lots of colorful drinking straws and an empty glass jar or a tin can. Just glue the straws around the outer walls of the container. Leave about 1 cm or more above the edge. You can also attach the straws around the table using a double-sided tape

The straw-coloured fruit bat (Eidolon helvum) is the second largest bat on the African continent. Despite its name, this bat is not a consistent straw-yellow colour, instead ranging from pale yellow to dark brownish-grey. The fur on the rump and legs is often darker than on the more yellowish shoulders, and the underparts are lighter than the upperparts. A strong flier, the straw-coloured. Liquid Layers - Salt Water Density Straw. Use your knowledge of density to create a colorful rainbow inside of a drinking straw in this SICK Science experiment. Density can be a difficult scientific property to grasp. With that in mind, we found a way to make the science of density a colorful, fun, and (most importantly) simple experience

Colored Straight Glass Straws - Single Straw Swirl a moment of refreshment into your day with a glass straw inspired by the tropics. Whether you're sipping a smoothie or sangria, your non-toxic glass straw is a clean choice for you and the planet. 1 premium glass straws with a 9.5mm standard diameter Obviously color-coding is a great way to stop someone stealing your drink, and a must-have for allergy sufferers. SPLASH-PROOF LIDS: Most acrylic tumblers come with a rubber push down lid, and when you drop them the lid pops off. Strata Tumblers come with colored screw top lids with tight straw seal 6pcs Stainless Steel Straw & 2pcs Brush. 3pcs Stainless Steel Straw. 5pcs Stainless Steel Straw. 4pcs Random Color Portable Cutlery Set. 8pcs Stainless Steel Straw & 2pcs Brush. 1pc Multifunction Stainless Steel Straw. 4pcs Adjustable Straw Set. 22pcs Stainless Steel Straw & Cleaning Brush Colored Skinny Tumbler with Lid and Straw Rating * Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Nam China Wheat Straw Cutlery biodegradable cutlery cutlery 111715 is supplied by Wheat Straw Cutlery biodegradable cutlery manufacturers, producers, suppliers on Global Sources,travel cutlery set with case,eco friendly cutlery set,reusable cutlery se

African straw-coloured fruit bats fulfil important ecosystem functions by dispersing seeds and pollen during their flights. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Radolfzell. Gorgeous natural colored straw Charlie1 horse structured hat. Straw hat features a 3 1/2 Brim, with a velvet olive hat band and a beautiful engraved matte silver cactus pendent that makes for an ideal accessory in every woman's travel wardrobe. Hat has.. National Institutes of Healt So we are equipped with straw cleaning brush. 5 cups can be stacked after use, saving more space and easy to takeaway WHAT YOU GET - 5 color changing cups, 5 lids, 5 straws, 2 straw cleaning brushes and 1 sponge brush. If you have any questions about cold drink cups, please contact us via email and we will reply as soon as possible

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  1. In the 17th opening, all the Straw Hats wear clothes with color schemes appropriate of their color. In the One Piece's 20th anniversary color spread, the Straw Hat Pirates are drawn in Germa 66 Raid Suit-like costumes under the name Mugiwara 56, in their respective colors
  2. Yes heating stainless will change the color. I think the color changes from gold>brown>purple>blue>silver(grey). The one down side is thats its an extra thin oxide layer. A paper towel is rough enough to remove the coating. If you want to have a show piece, sure heating it will work. If you want a permanent color, you'll have to look at another.
  3. Woven Straw Beach Tote Bag - Leather Handle Straw Tote Bag. $ 57.95. Item Type: Straw Bag Shape: Tote Main Material: Straw Style: Fashion Hardness: Soft Color: Beige, Brown, Coffee Size: approx. Length 16″ x Height 13″ x Depth 1.5″ x Strap Height 9″ Package: A Bag + Lavaika Box. Choose an option Beige Coffee Brown
  4. The straw-coloured fruit bat is a large fruit bat that is the most widely distributed of all the African megabats. It is quite common throughout its area ranging from the southwestern Arabian Peninsula, across forest and savanna zones of sub-Saharan Africa
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Give your customers the best of both worlds with this Choice 8 super jumbo boldly-colored unwrapped spoon straw! This straw's open-ended design doubles as a spoon and is great for serving thick milkshakes, slushies, smoothies, and snow cones. Plus, with an eye-catching, bold color, it will create the perfect contrast against your sweet treats.<br><br> Made of durable polypropylene, this spoon. Lfgb Standard Promotional Food Grade Colorful Options Fashion Bar Disco Tumbler Round Ball Shape Plastic Cup With Straw , Find Complete Details about Lfgb Standard Promotional Food Grade Colorful Options Fashion Bar Disco Tumbler Round Ball Shape Plastic Cup With Straw,Round Ball Shape Plastic Cup With Straw,Disco Ball Cup,Ball Cup from Cups & Saucers Supplier or Manufacturer-Ningbo Hailan. Types of Cover Pages Color Spread Further information: Cover Page#List of Color Spreads See also the associated category: Color Spreads. The Color Spreads (見開きカラー, Mihiraki karā?) are the most elaborate type of cover page, comprising a double-page illustration in full color. These illustrations may depict any number of subjects, though most are centered on group shots of the Straw. Tumbler includes a 7-1/4 stainless steel straw with a colored silicone tip. Finished with a metallic base for a two-toned look. Size: 16 oz. Your price includes a one color imprint on both sides. Set-up charge: $55. Imported, logo applied in USA. Maximum number of imprint colors: 1 ; Ready to ship in : 2 business days *

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Colorful and fun, the straws are perfect for every day use. What's more, these straws are made from fda approved food grade silicone that is nontoxic, durable and reusable. Colored plastic drinking straws are also a great choice as party decorations, drinks and daily use What's more, each straw is a sturdy piece measuring about 7 3/4 in length. Our paper straws are available in stripes, dots and hearts. This means that you have a large selection to choose from. Within these categories, you can also select a range of rich color that will suit the theme of your upcoming event. Enjoy these retro paper straws at Eco friendly colorful paper straws.Manufacturers wholesale.Individually wrapped and logo printing can be customzied Choice 8 Super Jumbo Boldly-Colored Unwrapped Spoon Straw - 10000/Case. # 485ss8nn. plus. $89.99 /Case. plus. Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Choice 7 3/4 Multicolor Stripe Extra Wide Pointed Wrapped Boba Straw - 4500/Case. # 485wb7multiw. plus

Choose from a set of 4 bent (9 long) or straight (8 long) straws, in clear, pink, gray or green—or get a multi-colored 4-pack. Glass drinking straws now in color. Perfect for festive parties or just to give your afternoon drink a little extra zing. Keep track of your glass at a small gathering How to Prepare Your Color Matching Activity for Toddlers. The first thing I did was choose 8 colours my 2 year old is fairly comfortable with matching. Then I colored in one straw and 4 cotton swab tips in each color. I left these for about an hour to dry as best they will. Next I cut the straw into 4 sections

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The Rainbow Glass Straw. Inspired by The Colorful Kitchen, this special edition straw is on our Clear Glass Straw with a rainbow of dots representing the colorful edibles. Proceeds from this straw are donated to The Edible Schoolyard Project to support their programs. Available Lengths: 8″ Straw Harvest paint color SW 7698 by Sherwin-Williams. View interior and exterior paint colors and color palettes. Get design inspiration for painting projects Many Colored Straws puzzle in Puzzle of the Day jigsaw puzzles on TheJigsawPuzzles.com. Play full screen, enjoy Puzzle of the Day and thousands more For the best of both worlds, this straw comes in two pieces. The bottom piece is made of stainless steel, and the top part is a curved silicone flex tip. These straws are 8.9 inches long and are compatible with 16-ounce or 20-ounce cups. This set includes four multi-colored straws with removable tips and a stainless steel cleaning brush

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Sipping it through a Beysis reusable straw. Made from quality borosilicate glass, our soft-edged coloured straws beat drinking out of a bamboo, silicone or metal straw equivalent. Plus, they look damn good in your drink of choice. Our set includes 4 glass straws and a cleaning brush presented in a quality Beysis gift box Steps: Place the pom poms into a bowl or container. Line up the cups on the table with the open ends facing your kid. Place a pom pom inside the cups, each cup with a different colored pom pom. You can always start with a few and then increase the numbers of pom poms/cups as you repeat this activity. Give your kid the straw and tell him/her to. straw color的中文翻譯,straw color是什麼意思,怎麽用漢語翻譯straw color,straw color的中文意思,straw color的中文,straw color in Chinese,straw color怎麼讀,发音,例句,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供,版權所有違者必究

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Hello! I am creating an amazing, colourful lifestyle for you all to be entertained by! This includes my new line of straw hats, a hat anyone can enjoy, a great conversation starter, or an amazing gift!You can support my start-up business today! #strawhats #trending Members get the sneak peeks and first to see the most fabulous hats and paintings 12 colored straws in one of each: gray, purple, blue, sky blue, teal, green, lime, yellow, orange, pink, hot pink, and red. They are reusable and eco friendly, made with high quality unbreakable food grade materials. They make great replacement straws or extra straws to use with any portable tumblers, or just carry them along to use at school. Flexible design: beautiful straws, a combination of several colors, Reusable drinking straw neon-colored bendable, Different colors and different moods. The flexible straws Very durable and with a flexible kink zone. You can easily bend it to the angle you want to suit different needs. Bendable Drinking Straws great for juice,milk,smoothies

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We like color and so we have come up with a Colorful Family Pack of Glass Straws. This pack includes 1 Double Straw Sleeve, 2 Single Straw Sleeves, 2 Dots Essential Taste 9.5mm 8 inch Glass Straws, and 2 Spiral Wrap Essential Taste 9.5mm 8 inch Glass Straws. We like to make it colorful and fun to take your glass straws on the go 18 - 24 months. Weight: Heaviest - flying fox, 3.3 lb. Size at birth: 0.008 - 13 oz depending on species. Fun Facts: Bats pollinate the world's fruit producing plants and eat thousands of mosquitoes at night. Bats are not blind, although some bats do use echolocation to find their insects and meals. A mother bat can locate her pup by its. 【Colorful Lids Set & Value Package】Colorful plastic lids set in four colors, pink, blue, green and yellow, decorate your drinks or canning jars and add fun to your colorful life. Includes 8 pack of plastic mason jar lids with straw hole, and fits any sized wide mouth mason jars and canning jars perfectly, such as Ball, Kerr and Bernardin

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  1. 45YY 44/115. About Storybook Straw. For a traditional style, this tan works perfectly in any space. Pair this paint color with navy tones or charcoal for contrast. Choose Your Product Add to my favorites
  2. Straw 1200 Colored Window Fil
  3. Through use of multiple colorants, multi-colored straws can be made. Other additives Additional materials are added to the plastic formula to control the physical properties of the finished straw. Plasticizers (materials which improve the flexibility of the polypropylene) may be added to keep the resin from cracking
  4. Normal urine color ranges from pale yellow to deep amber — the result of a pigment called urochrome and how diluted or concentrated the urine is. Pigments and other compounds in certain foods and medications can change your urine color. Beets, berries and fava beans are among the foods most likely to affect the color
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  1. Each straw set includes a telescoping straw, a wire cleaning brush and a swivel case. Straw is made from stainless steel with a removable silicone tip. When not in use, store the collapsible straw and cleaning brush into the colored case. Slide-open swivel case is designed with a spring closure. Straw measures 9 in length when fully extended
  2. The straws we use today are made of polypropylene, which is a highly recyclable material used to make yogurt containers, toothbrushes and bottle caps. Recyclers, however, do not accept all types of polypropylene, and straws are not widely accepted. Even the largest polypropylene recycling program in America will not accept plastic straws
  3. STRAW SIZE AND WEIGHT. Length: 100 ~ 230 mm / 3.9 ~ 9.0 inches. Bottom inner diameter: 5.9 mm / 0.23 inches. Weight: 10.7 g / 0.024 lbs. MAINTENANCE. For first time use, we recommend you wash the straw using warm water and detergent. Use the cleaning brush to clean the straw interior

straw definition: 1. the dried, yellow stems of crops such as wheat, used as food for animals or as a layer on the. Learn more Tous droits administrés à Oda Eiichirō ; Hiroshi Kitadani.• Artiste : Mugiwara Crew (麦わらの一味) - Robin : Yamaguchi Yuriko - Sanj.. Swap out your plastic land-filling straws with the 100% biodegradable eco-alternative today and take one step further towwards becoming a more sustainable business. Our paper straws by Hospitality Essentials come in regular sizes and are available in striped or spotted designs to suit a range of different drink styles. 100% biodegradable. 25/pkt One of over 3,500 exclusive Benjamin Moore colors Tumbler includes a stainless steel straw and a silicone push-on lid. Straw features a color-matching silicone tip for comfortable sipping of your favoritee cold beverage. Tumblers are designed with a colored body for added style. Capable of fitting into most cup holders. Size: 22 oz. Your price includes a one color wrap imprint on the tumbler